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Watch urologist ‘chase the golden berries’ that make Flomentum No. 1

Watch urologist ‘chase the golden berries’ that make Flomentum No. 1

Dr. Curtis Nickel knows that the saw palmetto oil extract in Flomentum is effective in treating lower urinary tract symptoms in men. But the world-renowned urologist didn’t know exactly why Flomentum has unsurpassed quality and is the only United States Pharmacopeia-verified prostate health supplement.

Then, he went on a motorcycle tour of north Florida and followed the key ingredient in Flomentum from berry to bottle, and it all became clear.

What Nickel observed on his trek from the wilderness to the drying facility to the processing plant is meticulous quality control throughout the entire supply chain. That attention to detail, combined with a pioneering green extraction technology, is what gives Flomentum – and only Flomentum – the purity and potency needed to maximize the natural healing power of saw palmetto and effect positive change in men’s urinary frequency and control.

“That’s what we want as clinicians,” Nickel said. “We want everything that is potentially good in that saw palmetto berry to be extracted.”

Check out this trailer for a glimpse of Nickel’s tour or watch the full video here, then follow along below for a synopsis of his findings from the trip.


Chasing the Golden Berries

Nickel’s first stop on his tour is the wilds of north Florida, where the spiky fronds of saw palmetto grow in thick clusters. The dwarf palm trees are native to the southeastern United States, primarily in Florida, and can live to be thousands of years old.

While saw palmetto has a familiar look, the medicinal value of the bush comes from berries that are not immediately visible to the naked eye. Flomentum partners with landowners to monitor the saw palmetto for ripening berries, which turn a golden color as they mature. Essentially, harvesters chase the golden berries as they reach prime picking stage at slightly different times from south to north.

Nickel traipses right into the woods himself to get a look at the mature berries that are the source of Flomentum’s clinical strength.

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Impressive One Ton Super Sacks

After being wild harvested, the saw palmetto berries are shipped to a drying facility near the Florida-Georgia line. There, Nickel observes about 175,000 pounds of berries at a time getting placed into giant dryers that remove the water, leaving concentrated oil.

Once dried, the rock-hard berries are packaged for delivery to the Flomentum processing plant in gigantic white sacks that weigh 1 ton each. Nickel is impressed to learn that each individual berry in each super sack can be tracked back to a particular lot that went through a particular dryer and was harvested from a particular part of a particular ranch by a particular picker. There’s traceability throughout the entire process!

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It’s All About The Chemistry

On his way south from the drying facility, Nickel stops at the University of Florida to speak with saw palmetto researchers about the plant’s unique characteristics and why it’s so important to know the source of the saw palmetto in your health supplements. Then, at an extraction plant north of Orlando, he sees first-hand the manufacturing process that makes Flomentum the best prostate health supplement on the market today.

Nickel watches the patented, eco-friendly process where supercritical carbon-dioxide is used to safely remove the oil from the berries. He also learns about Flomentum’s extensive sampling and batch control protocols, which ensure consistent, repeatable quality worthy of USP-verification for purity and potency.

The effectiveness of Flomentum – or any other saw palmetto supplement, for that matter – comes down to the chemistry of the oil extract and the fatty acids within it. There’s no evidence that the crushed berry powder found in many saw palmetto supplements can improve lower urinary tract symptoms, for example. Only high-quality oil extract with the clinical strength of Flomentum can help.

That’s why Nickel is one of many urologists who recommend Flomentum as a treatment option for lower urinary tract symptoms. Now, after seeing how the berries are harvested and processed and observing the quality control throughout the supply chain, Nickel is more confident than ever that Flomentum just might be the right choice for you

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(Note: While the video mentions Valensa, Flomentum is now one of the many science-backed health and wellness solutions offered by Basic Brands.)