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What is Flomentum? Your Answer for Urinary Flow and Control

What is Flomentum? Your Answer for Urinary Flow and Control

In simple terms, Flomentum is a softgel capsule that a man can take once a day for healthy prostate and urinary function. It reduces urinary frequency so you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to pee and so you can experience more freedom from the bathroom during the day.

While you may have heard about other products that claim to have the same results, Flomentum is the first and only United States Pharmacopeia-verified prostate health supplement. That means a nonprofit, scientific organization with 200 years of experience setting public standards for medicine and dietary supplements vouches for the purity and potency of Flomentum above all others.

Why Flomentum Works

To explain what makes Flomentum the best, we first need to tell you where Flomentum comes from. Flomentum is the pure oil extract from the berries of the saw palmetto, a dwarf palm tree known scientifically as Serenoa repens. Saw palmetto grows naturally only in the southeastern United States, thriving especially in wild pine forests and dunes throughout the state of Florida. Some saw palmetto plants are hundreds or even thousands of years old!

For centuries, people have known about the health benefits of mature saw palmetto berries. Over the past 100 years or so, powder from the berries has become a popular natural dietary supplement in the United States. Meanwhile, the lipidosterolic oil extract from the berries has been studied extensively in Europe and is recognized as a safe and effective supplement to support urinary symptoms and prostate health in men.

Although most saw palmetto prostate products contain inexpensive crushed berry powder, it’s only the high-quality saw palmetto oil extract at the Flomentum daily dosage of 320 milligrams that supports improved urinary function in clinical studies. Research has found that 320 milligrams of standardized, high-quality saw palmetto extract reduces urinary frequency and supports healthy flow in aging men with lower urinary tract symptoms.

The Natural Solution for Prostate Health and Urinary Function

The saw palmetto berry is yet another example of how nature can foster health and wellbeing, and Flomentum is harnessing the natural power of the oil extract to support urinary and prostate health. Compared to lesser products, the purity of the extract in Flomentum and the clinical strength of the dosing replicates the leading herbal medicines in Europe.

Here are five more key aspects of The Flomentum Difference:


  • Flomentum is passionate about responsibly producing the highest quality oil extract offered by nature. Each softgel contains only the purest and most potent saw palmetto oil that’s standardized to contain 85% to 95% fatty acids.
  • Flomentum is made in the USA, which is the only place in the world where saw palmetto grows in the wild. The company partners with landowners to trace saw palmetto from berry to bottle, using sustainable harvesting practices to pick only mature Fresh from Florida® berries.
  • Flomentum dries the berries to concentrate the valuable oils in preparation for DeepExtract®, a proprietary green extraction process that yields more of what nature offers in each and every berry.
  • Flomentum produces 320-milligram softgels at the clinical strength that studies have shown to reduce urinary frequency and promote prostate health. The capsules are third-party USP-verified for quality and manufacturing standards.
  • Just one Flomentum softgel a day is all it takes. Improvement typically happens within 90 days, while some men experience results within weeks.