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Why Choose Flomentum to Improve Your Urinary Function?

Why Choose Flomentum to Improve Your Urinary Function?

Flomentum isn’t the only saw palmetto product available for urinary function, but it is the first and only United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Verified prostate health supplement. That premium quality is just one of many reasons that Flomentum stands apart in the marketplace for reducing urinary frequency and supporting healthy flow.

Here are four more reasons to choose Flomentum:


The Flomentum Difference

While most saw palmetto products in the United States are made with ground berry powder, research has found no benefit for prostate health and urinary function from those supplements. On the other hand, each softgel of Flomentum contains standardized high-quality saw palmetto oil extract, which has shown consistent effectiveness in clinical studies.

The Flomentum Difference also comes from a sustainable manufacturing process. From sourcing mature, wild-grown saw palmetto berries in the USA to responsibly harvesting and extracting the valuable oils, Flomentum creates unsurpassed quality in harmony with the natural environment.

Purity, potency and good manufacturing practices make Flomentum the first and only prostate health supplement verified by a third party, nonprofit scientific organization with nearly 200 years of experience. Just look for the USP symbol on the bottle for peace of mind that Flomentum stands above all the lesser alternatives on the market.


The Benefits of Flomentum

Urinary symptoms such as increased frequency, sudden urgency, weak or interrupted flow and inability to completely empty the bladder affect about half of men as they age. It’s not uncommon, but it can be serious.

Take this quiz to find out whether the symptoms you’re experiencing are mild or more significant. Whatever your score, Flomentum could be a good idea for you. Talk to your doctor about the benefits of Flomentum and how the supplement could improve your daily life.

Just one softgel a day is all it takes to reduce urinary frequency day and night and support healthy flow – without any sexual side effects. Results typically happen within 90 days, although some men see positive change within weeks.