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This Prostate Health Supplement Works. And It’s Sustainable

This Prostate Health Supplement Works. And It’s Sustainable

Purity and potency. If you’re having problems with your pee, these two P’s are the keys to enhancing your quality of life. After all, only the highest-quality saw palmetto oil extract at clinical strength has been shown in studies to reduce urinary frequency and improve urinary control.

Yet, achieving the necessary purity and potency is easier said than done. That’s why Flomentum takes great pains pioneering the ability to track every step of the supply chain, from berry to bottle. The process ensures that each and every Flomentum softgel contains oil collected through an eco-friendly, patented and proprietary extraction process that yields more of what nature offers from every saw palmetto berry. And it guarantees that each and every capsule wields the clinical strength that’s vital for effectiveness.

Let’s take a closer look at how Flomentum makes a prostate health supplement with unsurpassed quality:

Sourcing and Harvesting – Flomentum is made from the valuable oil extract of the saw palmetto berry, which grows naturally in the southeastern United States, primarily in Florida. Flomentum partners with landowners and harvesters to develop and deploy sustainable best practices with the goal of making a positive impact on the environment. Through those partnerships, Flomentum monitors saw palmetto and responsibly picks only mature, Fresh from Florida® berries.

Drying and Extraction – Many saw palmetto supplements contain crushed berry powder, which lacks clinical data showing any benefits for men dealing with lower urinary tract symptoms. Flomentum, on the other hand, is made in the USA with the highest-quality oil extracted from saw palmetto berries. The berries first are dried to remove water and concentrate the precious oil. Then, that oil is collected through a patented, ultrahigh pressure, supercritical carbon-dioxide extraction process. DeepExtract® green technology safely produces a unique, high-quality extract with the purity needed for effectiveness as a prostate health supplement.

Testing and Verification – Flomentum is setting the market standard for sampling and validating both purity and potency. Each batch of saw palmetto oil extract is tested to ensure that it meets United States Pharmacopeia requirements for quality, and each Flomentum soft gel is filled with the perfect dose of oil at the clinical strength that studies have found to reduce urinary frequency and support urinary control. As a result, Flomentum is the first and only prostate health supplement that’s USP-verified.

Traceability – Because of a close relationship with both landowners and harvesters, Flomentum tracks the saw palmetto oil every step of the way, from berry to bottle. That way, men can rest assured that they’re receiving the very best of what nature has to offer in each and every Flomentum softgel.

Chase the golden berries to see Flomentum’s supply chain excellence

For centuries, saw palmetto berries have been recognized as a food source with unique health and wellness properties. The oil extract has been widely used in Europe to treat urinary symptoms since the mid-1900s.

Now, Flomentum has created an innovative process that delivers a superior, science-based product to support prostate health and wellness while respecting the environment that provides the valuable berries in the first place.