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Clinical Strength

Supports Prostate Health and Urinary Function*

Flomentum is a patented lipidosterolic extract of Serenoa repens, also known as saw palmetto berry oil extract. Each softgel contains 320 mg, clinical strength shown to promote healthy urinary and prostate function in men.

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6-Month Supply

Box of six bottles delivered once. Save $6.00 per bottle


1-Month Supply

Single bottle delivered once.

**Discounted price is only applicable for the first shipment of the subscription. Subsequent shipments will be at the standard $71.97 pricing.

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  • Reduces Urinary Frequency, Day and Night*
  • Promotes Healthy Prostate Function*
  • Promotes Healthy Urinary Function*
  • Comparable to the Leading European Herbal Medicine✝︎
  • USP Verified for Purity and Potency
  • Made in the USA

✝︎ These claims are based on Flomentum’s demonstrated comparability to a leading European saw palmetto herbal product as defined by the European Medicines Agency, which is recognized as safe and effective in over 20 published studies.